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Noiseless Imaging technology is based on three decades of leading-edge research and development and it is recognized as being world class.
The technology trend in the imaging industry is towards denser sensing arrays with a higher pixel-density and lower signal-to-noise ratio (i.e. stronger noise). This makes the utilization of effective noise-removal solutions more and more important for maintaining the leading edge in the competitive field of digital imaging.
Fully automated optimal integration/adaptation to specific devices is achieved thanks to accurate modeling of the noise statistics.

Our leading products are software modules for core video restoration and enhancement: These modules have scalable complexity for real-time low-latency video processing.

In addition to the above, we also offer:
  • 3D point cloud denoising
  • Gap filling for detector mosaics
  • Denoising for image and video, adapted to different scenarios and noise models, such as single-channel, color, multi- and hyper-spectral
  • Combined Denoising, Demosaicing and Super-resolution of raw videos
  • Video denoising with integrated temporal resampling and/or frame-rate upsampling (a.k.a. temporal super-resolution)
  • Low-complexity compression integrated into video restoration pipeline
  • Motion deblurring
  • Panoramic reconstruction for fast rotating imagers, with integrated motion deblurring, denoising, and seamless spatio-temporal stitching
  • Low-frequency non-uniformity correction
  • Lens defect mitigation
  • Synthesis of realistic sensor noise for different imaging systems and models (for objective testing, validation, data augmentation, etc.)
  • Synthesis of realistic atmospheric turbulence and scintillation effects on images and video
  • Camera response function normalization (for mapping and point-cloud generation applications)
  • Cross-modal super-resolution - Resolution enhancement of low-resolution images with the aid of high-resolution imagery in a different modality
  • Cross-modal image alignment - Automatic co-registration of images captured in different imaging modalities
  • Active coded aperture imaging - Frame-rate upsampling based on active coded aperture to disambiguate fast occlusion and disocclusion beyond the Nyquist limit
  • High Dynamic Range imaging and denoising based on active coded aperture
  • Doppler radar data denoising

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