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Noiseless Imaging technology
Noiseless Imaging technology is based on two decades of leading-edge university research and is recognized as being world class.

Our technology is built upon its state-of-the-art nonlocal image/video modeling framework based on adaptive high-dimensional spectral decompositions algorithm.

Fully automated optimal integration/adaptation to specific devices is achieved thanks to accurate modeling of the noise statistics of the imaging sensor.

Noiseless Imaging provides highly scalable methods independent of the specific underlying hardware platform, applicable to any device, from power-constrained mobile terminals to high-end parallel scientific and industrial imaging systems.

Advantages of our solution
Noiseless Imaging is proposing a completely original technique of image and video modeling which provides the best filtering/imaging quality available, in terms of noise suppression and of preservation and enhancement of details.

Our solutions are highly scalable in terms of computational performance/quality trade-off, meeting the hardware and power constraints required by the customer.
Due to its scalability, Noiseless Imaging technology can support future generations of imaging hardware, providing increased quality as more processing power becomes available.

Customer's benefits
Noiseless Imaging technology allows achieving the full potential of any imaging hardware/sensor:

- for low-cost hardware, it provides high-quality imaging comparable to what is currently achieved with high-cost hardware;
- for high-cost hardware, it provides unprecedented quality of imaging.