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Noiseless Imaging products
Software modules for:

- noise profiling
  identification of noise characteristics, targeted at the optimization of subsequent digital processing stages; benchmarking of sensor hardware
- image/video denoising
  accurate suppression of noise while preserving the finest details; optimized for various noise types and sources.
- image/video enhancement
  enhancing the quality of images and videos in terms of contrast, sharpness; reduction of temporal flicker
- spatial and temporal resolution enhancement (rescaling/zooming)
  provide sharp high-resolution image/video output from noisy low-resolution input
- post-filtering of decompressed images and video
  removal of blocking and ringing and other coding artifacts due to compression or loss of data during transmission

Stand-alone (in-box) software package for noise removal from images and videos.
The main purpose of our software products is the improvement of image quality (sharpness, contrast, accurate detail and colour reproduction) so to obtain the best output from the customer's hardware.

Noiseless Imaging products can be supplied as:
- baseline implementation (binaries, C/C++ codes, Matlab codes)
- modular and integrated design that can be either stand-alone or inserted within the customer's image processing pipeline.