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Noiseless Imaging Oy (Ltd), a Tampere University of Technology spin-off company, was established in 2011 to provide the world's best solutions in image and video denoising.
The company specializes in noise-removal and restoration/enhancement technologies (algorithms, software, consultancy services).

The technology trend in the imaging industry is towards denser sensing arrays with a higher pixel-density and lower signal-to-noise ratio (i.e. higher noise). This makes the utilization of effective noise-removal solutions more and more important for maintaining the leading edge in the competitive field of digital imaging.

Noiseless Imaging is tracking this trend and our typical customers are companies that develop and produce hardware, deliver imaging services to their customers, develop and use advanced image processing in their activities:

- IT companies
- HDTV manufacturers
- Camera manufactures
- Cameraphone manufacturers
- IP core manufacturers
- Manufacturers of high-end imaging systems, e.g., for microscopy, medical imaging, night vision, etc.