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Modern challenge
Noise removal is becoming an ever more important problem in any imaging and sensing device, because of trends towards sensors with smaller pixel-size and growing demand for higher image quality. The presence of noise impacts on the quality of any image and video content, as it compromises the various processing stages from acquisition to delivery and display.
The final quality/performance of an imaging or video system significantly depends on how well noise is removed as well as on how well fine details, edges and meaningful features in images/videos are preserved.
Our Solution - Noiseless Imaging
The art of image modeling is at the root of our success in image processing.

We provide the world's best noise-removal technology (algorithms, software, consultancy services).

Main features:
- best imaging quality at the required computational cost;
- integration of filtering within the data acquisition and processing pipeline;
- improving of image/video quality after decoding stage (coding artifacts removal);
- cost-effective way to improve imaging/sensing/output quality.